What is Futsal?

  • Futsal is the official five-a-side indoor soccer game recognized by FIFA. It is a skill game that originated during the 1930's in South America, in Montevideo, Uruguay and Sao Paulo, Brazil. 
  • The type of ball used forces a player to utilize their skill, rather than the ball's bounce to propel it.
  • It has been proven that youth players develop quicker reflexes, faster thinking, heightened awareness, and accurate passing technique by playing Futsal.
  • Futsal provides an exciting and expressive experience for players while also developing their technical and tactical ability.
  • Many world class players recognize Futsal as a contributing factor to their soccer development. Ronaldo, Messi, Iniesta, and legends like Pele and Zico all grew up playing Futsal.
  • Played indoors on a hard court surface with no walls or dasher boards, using the side lines and end lines similar to a basketball court.
  • Played using a smaller, low-bounce ball, approx. size 3.5 as compared to a size 5 soccer ball.
  • Played with two teams of four players and a goalkeeper